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CXG 5 in 1 Multi-function mobile phone repair soldering station,include soldering iron,desoldering hot air gun,Suction pen,Preheating desoldering platform,etc.

  • class: Multi-function repair soldering station
    power: 1500w
    origin: china
    port: shenzhen
    model: CXG-H95
    customization: logo customization

Model CXG-H95
Display TFT LCD
peak power 1800W
Voltage 220VAC/50Hz 110VAC/60Hz
Device Dimension 44*34*20CM
Device weight 6kg
Heat gun
Power 220V / 110V
Power consumption 1500W
Temperature Range 80-500℃
Temperature error within 5℃
air flow volume 55-85L/Min
DC turbo fan 12V/8300 rotation
heating element 220V/A1526; 110V/A1525
high temperature drivepipe GP5(GP6 need buying sperately)
handle cable Length 1.2 m
Weight 250g
Soldering Iron
Part No. S90
Power 90W
temperature Range 80-500℃
Tip to Ground Resistance Under 2 Ω
Tip to Ground Potential Under 2Mv
Output Voltage 24V
high temperature ferrule GT04
Tip type T series
Tip length 57.5mm
cable length 1.2m
handle weight 100g
Heat element A1529
Vacuum Sucking Pen
Power 10W
absorbing pad material Conductive silica gel
Vacuum pump pressure 280mm Hg
Max suction capability  120g
weight 50g
Tube size 1100(L)X6 mm
Bend absorbing tip the inside diameter 0.4mm & 1.1mm
the outside diameter 3mm & 10mm
Bend absorbing tip 0.4mm use max 1.2g Flat small resistors and other small components
Bend absorbing tip 1.1mm use max 4g small IC(8-40 pin)
Bend absorbing tip 1.1mm + absorbing pad Φ 3mm use max 40g  IC(more than 40 pin)
Bend absorbing tip 1.1mm + absorbing pad Φ 10mm use max 120g big electronic unit
heating board Model P120E
temperature Range 80-300℃
Power consumption  90W
heating element A1529
Tip to Ground Resistance Under 2 Ω
Tip to Ground Potential Under 2Mv
Dimension 16*6.3*3.2cm
Voltage 24V
Weight 420g
DC output
Voltage range 1.0V~20.0V
Current range 0.01A~5.00A
Model Use
ZBC00002 FP IC popper steel wire
WWJ00087 FP IC popper S size
WWJ00086 FP IC popper L size

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