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XG100T lead free LED display hanging high frequency High Power soldering iron station

  • class: high frequency soldering station
    power: 100w / 150w / 200w / 250w
    origin: china
    port: shenzhen
    model: xg100T
    customization: logo customization
XG100T Features :
1. six seconds warm up to 350°;
2. boot memory function avoid turning on the thermostat every time;
3. handle with ESD anti-static treatment;
4. has sleep function;
5. temperature compensation +-50°;
6. temperature can be set,temperature range 50-500°C;
7. can be suspended in a vanety of ways;
name XG100T / XG150T XG200T / XG250T
power consumption 100W / 150W 200W / 250W
temperature range 50~500°C
heating rate 350°C / 6S
output voltage 36V
dimensions 140(L) * 170(W) * 80(H) mm
weight 2.35 KG
soldering iron  
part NO. CXG10T / CXG15T CXG20T CXG25T
portable handle display screen without without
power consumption 100W / 150W 200W / 250W
Heating element A1410 / A1415 A1420 / A1425
tip style G1 G2
high temperature set of head GP1 GP2
tip to Groud resistance <2Ω
tip to ground potential <2mV
cord length 1.2mm

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