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100w maintenance tool portable AC soldering iron RD100

  • class: Soldering station series
    power: 60w/90W/110W
    origin: china
    port: shenzhen
    Brand: ROHS
    Certification: CE / FCC / ROHS
    Usage: tin soldering work
    Weight: 0.3kg
    Customization: Customized logo

1.Small size.  super function.

2.It is very rapid to back to the temperature,take around just 8 secones.

3.Quality heating element. Ultra strong platinum temperature sensitivity.

4,convinient knob to adjust the temperature

5.Microcomputer temperature compensation. The temperature error is less than 5 degrees.

6.Have password management function.

7.Full high temperature resistance,flexible and high insulating material is adopted for power cable.  

8.LED display. The content is absolutely clear.

9.Have the function of memory.

10.The handle is made of special high temperature resistant material, ESD antistatic treatment.