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CXG RS60D SMD 60W thermostatic Soldering Iron Station

  • class: Thermostat Soldering iron
    power: 60W
    origin: china
    port: shenzhen
    model: RS60D
    customization: logo customization
CXG RS60D SMD Soldering Iron Station
Model RS60D
Power consumption 60W
The output voltage 24V
temperature stability ±1 ° C (when no work)
Impedance between tip and ground 2Ω or less
Potential between the tip and ground 2mV or less
Heating element Ceramic heater
Wire length 1.2m
Body weight 1.2kg
External size 80(W)*130(H)*131(D)mm
power supply 220V/110V
temperature range 50~500°C
Replenishment temperature +-50°C
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground voltage <2mV
Package dimensions 235*275*135mm
Packing Weight  2.3kg, 8 / box
temperature range 200°C-480°C/392-896℉
Packing list
Soldering Station 1
Soldering Iron 1
power cable 1
Heat resistant gasket (optional) 1
Soldering iron seat 1
user's manual 1